5 Surprising Facts About Black Diamond Strain

The Black Diamond strain is a combination of Blackberry and Diamond OG strains. It is one of the weed strains with long-lasting effects and high potency. Black Diamond strikes the perfect balance between Sativa buzz and Indica. Discovered first time in Northern California, the black diamond strain is renowned among people looking for strong medications. Despite the high potency, the weed strain keeps the users active. The strain has high potency in terms of effects and flavors too. The strain has some hallucinogenic effects on the users, like witnessing shimmering on the paint of the walls and sound amplification, thanks to the high THC levels. However, you may experience such effects only when you smoke it a lot. If you want to try the strain and are looking for more information, here are five surprising facts about the black diamond strain. 


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It may help with pain relief 


Here’s something that will make you order black diamond weed strain now. It may help you in pain relief, thanks to its super-high potency. Yes, it may work against physical and even reduce anxiety. If you indulge in regular physical activities, you know that muscular pain is a consequence. You may be able to avoid it with the help of this weed strain. So, if you are someone looking for high potent weed strains to battle chronic pain, this may be an ideal choice for you. However, no weed strain can replace medication and treat the root cause of the pain. But, the black diamond strain may provide you pain relief until its effects last and help you carry on with your daily activities without any interruption.

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It is a high potency strain 


It’s no surprise that the black diamond strain has high potency. With THC levels ranging from 18 to 24 percent, it is one of the strains with the highest THC levels. Bred to create a super high potent weed strain, the black diamond OG has an average of 21% THC, with the highest number being 24. So, naturally, it’s not difficult for the black diamond to make the user experience hallucinogenic effects when smoked a lot. So, it’s better to be mindful of how much black diamond strain you are smoking. However, knowing what to expect won’t make the hallucinogenic effects adverse since you are already aware. But, it’s better to try it in a comfortable or a known place for the first time. So, even if you go a little crazy after the smoking session things, won’t go down south. 


The smell of black diamond strain is similar to red wine 


Did you know that the smell of the black diamond OG is similar to red wine due to the sweet grape wine aroma? Black diamond possesses a very earthy and musky aroma which becomes pungent if you smell it from close. Since the weed strain is an Indica dominant one, the pungent and earthy smell is not something you wouldn’t expect. Surprisingly though, the buds of a black diamond strain possess sweet and grape scents, despite the deep earthy and intense aromas. However, break down the buds, and you will be surprised to smell the rich mahogany-like aroma, even though the scent is not so woody. Overall the black diamond strain has a powerful, vibrant, and rich aroma. 


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It is difficult to grow


As a strain, Black Diamond is very hard to grow, and previous experience is required. In order to grow the plants, commercial seeds are unavailable, and genetic cloning is necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you grow your clones indoors or outdoors once you receive them from a grower. It’s very difficult to cut clones without past experience, so growers with experience tend to do better. The newest cultivators should seek the assistance of more experienced cultivators.

The height of an outdoor plant can reach up to 8 feet, while the height of an indoor plant can reach 4 feet under the right growth conditions. Outdoor plants and indoor plants can yield an equal yield of 2 ounces. During the flowering period for outdoor plants, the time between harvest and flowering is approximately 9 to 10 weeks.


The flavor of the black diamond isn’t as strong as its aroma 


Now that you know about the aroma of the black diamond strain, you can expect a similar flavor from its smoke. At first, the smoke of the black diamond is sort of burned toffee accompanied by a strong, berry-like taste. Surprisingly, the flavor of the black diamond isn’t as strong as its aroma. However, on the exhale, you can expect flavors of rich mahogany, as mentioned above, the flavors of hardwood getting more pronounced. This hybrid strain gets more flavors from the Blackberry strain than the Diamond OG strain when it comes to the flavor. After smoking the strain, the sweet and earthy taste will offer a euphoric feeling, and you can feel the flavors in your throat for a while.

It may help with insomnia 


If you experience insomnia and are looking for a weed strain that helps deal with it, the black diamond strain may be an ideal choice. The high potency and long-lasting effects may help battle stress-related issues like insomnia. Stress and anxiety are the two primary causes of insomnia that may be keeping you up all night. However, the mood-lifting and relaxing properties of the black diamond strain may keep all the stress and unpleasant thoughts at bay after a long tiring day. You must know that despite being a highly potent weed strain, the black diamond does not directly knock you off like some of the other strains but gently help you relax and sleep gracefully. 


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Final Thoughts 


Those were the five surprising facts about the black diamond strain and how it can positively impact your body and mind. However, the black diamond strain may also cause some adverse effects if you are not mindful of the dosage and other factors. Some of the common adverse effects of the black diamond strain include dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia. However, you may experience paranoia only when you smoke too much of the black diamond strain in one smoking session.

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