5 Reasons to Support Small Local Business Near You

When you hear the word “business,” what comes to mind? Do you think of large chain retailers? How about mom and pop shops? Even better, solo entrepreneurs?

Small local businesses account for 99.9% of all businesses in America. Small-owned businesses are the backbone of this country.

If this isn’t reason enough to shop at local businesses near you, read on to learn 5 more compelling reasons to support your small local businesses.

  1. Exceptional Customer Service

One of the main differences you’ll notice when you shop at small local businesses is the level of attention and care you receive as a customer.

Small local business owners can really get to know their customers and provide more personalized customer service than would sales associates at a large retail chain store. Forget asking clueless retail sales associates about your specific needs; small business owners can better cater to you because they know what they’re selling–the success of their small-owned business depends on their expertise.

  1. Local Economy Wins

According to a survey conducted by Mint Intuit, the leading reason for shopping local for those who already do so is to support local economies.

57.3% of consumers choose to support small businesses because they wish to keep their money close to home. The money they spend on independent businesses in their community goes towards sustaining and creating local jobs. It also keeps the local business economy strong.

  1. Preservation of History

It is not unusual to find family-owned small local businesses operating near you. Oftentimes, these businesses are handed down through generations within the family. This means that these businesses have been around for decades, carving their own well-deserved space in the community.

When you shop at small local businesses, you help to preserve the history of these family-run businesses. Your money keeps alive the hallmarks of culture in the local community.

  1. Invigorating Competition

While big-box retailers have their place in the business economy, small local businesses serve to inspire healthy competition. Businesses compete with each other to provide better value, products and services, and prices so you have a larger pool to choose and shop from.

For example, your local solar company may provide even better prices for the same solar installation job than what a large chain retail store may quote you.

Be sure to shop around so that you find the best deals for your purchases!

  1. Lower Carbon Footprint

The final reason to support small local businesses is that it is more eco-friendly. When you buy from local stores, you cut down on the energy and effort expended to get the products to you.

A big-box retailer would have had to send shipping containers and trucks across the country (or from out of the country) to get the products from a warehouse (or a production center) to a store near you.

Shopping locally is a sustainable shopping habit that lowers your carbon footprint and protects the earth.

Support Your Small Local Businesses

They’re your favorite cafes, thrift shops, grocery stores, and more. They’re on every corner within your local community–small local businesses truly are the backbone of this country.

Without them, communities would fall apart and crumble. You can keep your community strong by practicing this one shopping habit.

To learn more about small local businesses and the business economy, check out more from blog!


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