5 Biblical Reasons to Attend Church

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

You love God and you want to learn more about Him. So, you decide to attend church.

You find a church. And at first, you’re totally convinced that you’ve found the best church ever. But then, you eventually stop going.

If this sounds a bit too familiar, you’re in luck. We’ve got a list of five biblical reasons to make going to church a priority.

  1. To Be Like Christ and the Apostles

As the Son of God, Jesus was an incredibly busy guy. He had to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and teach people about God while doing his best to dodge the Roman authorities.

But yet, there are multiple stories about Jesus and his disciples attending synagogue. And after the resurrection, people like Paul and Peter were so serious about going to church that they were eventually killed for it. When we go to church, we’re making it a priority to follow the example of Christ and the apostles.

  1. To Learn About Trusting God’s Word

We live in uncertain times. Every year it gets a little harder to put food on the table. And the twists and turns in the economy often have people wondering whether they’ll have jobs next month — never mind next year.

With the Tower of Babel, people tried to find security in themselves rather than in God. And sometimes we have to spend time sitting in the pew and hearing God’s word before we can take His promises to heart.

  1. To Use Your Gifts

It’s amazing how God has gifted his children with skills and talents that are uniquely theirs. Some people are amazing singers and gifted musicians while others are incredible writers or speakers.

Many people don’t get to use their creative gifts. But whether you’re on the worship team or teaching Sunday School, going to church makes it possible for you to use your talents to further the Kingdom.

  1. To Strengthen Your Faith

Being a Christian is like getting fit. You can’t go to the gym one or two times a year and expect to look like a bodybuilder.

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by worldly entertainment and superficial values, believers need all the help they can get to stay strong in the faith. Coming to church and meeting with other Christians is one way that you can nurture your belief.

  1. To Encourage Other Believers

Imagine living in a world where people could back out of their anything for no reason. From your boss calling to ask where you are to your softball team trying to plan for tonight’s game, nobody would be able to get anything done.

It’s no secret that church membership rates have been declining every year. Attending church can help you encourage other believers while staying connected with the body of Christ.

This Is Why You Should Attend Church

Sometimes not going to church is easier than finding reasons to attend church. Finding the best church to attend and saying, “I’m going to go.” is yet another way that you can show obedience to God.

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