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What You Need to Know About Shower Bath tub

It may seem odd or maybe strange while thinking about a shower bath tub combo. You may think that we are talking about putting a bathtub under the shower so we can enjoy both. While it is true to some extent, there is no need to change the bathtub’s position or bring a showerhead and fix it without proper planning. If it’s been long since your last bathroom makeover, then you may be surprised to know that a combo of both is trendy nowadays. 

You may be thinking about what we are talking about. No, it’s not anything standard bath with a showerhead placement with shower curtains. We are talking about a different thing that is a relative innovation in the world of bathroom design. It is called a shower bathtub.  

Innovation Of Shower Bath tub

Creating a highly functional bathroom may seem like a daunting task. Especially if you have a family and want everything there. From kids to mom and pets, you need something practical as well as highly functional at the same time. For such a busy household, a combo of bath and shower can be a great blessing. Besides that, it offers incredible space-saving and aesthetic benefits as well. 

Where You Can Best Fit Shower Bath tub

 You may install the shower and bathtub combo in any bathroom, but it is a must-have fixture under some circumstances. 

  • For Space Saving Purposes. 

A shower bath tub can be a great option for people looking for a space-saving solution.  Most of the bathrooms in the UK have a space issue. Where it becomes difficult to fit all the fixtures, either they don’t install all the amenities or try to find the compact items. The shower and bath combo can be a blessing for all such bathrooms because you can avail both facilities with a single unit installation. So, you can save space by not needing to install a separate bath and shower. 

  • You Have Family, Kids, and Pets. 

shower bath ukThe shower bath tub is a genius design that great for family bathroom installation. While in a family, your needs change, and you want a bathing solution where you can easily manage your kids. And not to forget the pets. You occasionally want to give baths to them too. So, what can be a better option than letting kids sit and play in the bathtub while you are taking a shower on the other round corner.  On the other hand, a bathtub that is reasonably deep so you can easily handle kids or pets sitting inside the tub. 

  • Want a Great Looking Shower tub

You would not believe but if you installed a bathtub properly with its panels and a shower screen. Then it can easily become a centrepiece in your bathroom. Available in different shapes, you can choose between different beautiful shapes like p or l shapes. Install a shower screen at the shower corner to prevent water splashes. In addition to that, get good quality bath panels to cover the empty sides of it. That’s it, and you would be surprised to see how good it looks. Perfect for contemporary bathroom design, these are trendy and will transform the entire look of your bath space. 

  • Save Money

Just imagine, you want to install a shower and then want to install a bathtub as well. A shower enclosure will cost of handsome amount of money, while a standard bath is a cheaper solution. If you combine the costs of both, you will be amazed to know that the money you will need to spend. With a shower bath, however, you have a combo solution. And the good thing about it is that it doesn’t cost you any extra amount of money. Perhaps nearly the same amount that you will spend on an ordinary bathtub will be enough for it. So, it saves space and money too. 

The straight shower baths are the most popular choice in the UK. There are various reasons for the popularity of these units. This may include their simple look that fits perfectly into most bathroom spaces and layouts. Bathtubs have long been the essential part of every bathroom in the UK. Even today, when it’s time the shower became a popular choice for most people, the baths are not out of style. It is because these tubs offer much more than just cleaning or washing the body. 

Perhaps, it offers many health benefits that you can not get with a shower. So, it will be there, and people who love relaxing baths will continue to love it. However, if you are a new bathroom makeover or renovations and want to install a perfect bathtub, you must understand all the aspects of your choice to make a perfect choice. 

In this article, we are going to explore why straight bathtubs are a popular choice in the UK. 

Are Straight Shower Baths Different from Standard Baths?

The straight shower baths in the UK are simple and look pretty much similar to any standard bathtub you see in the bathrooms. But these are specifically designed to be a bit wider and deeper in comparison to the standard baths. The purpose of making it in such a design is to offer a spacious shower and bath experience

Yes, we are talking about the shower bathtub. These are perfect baths that combine both shower and bath into a single unit. So, per requirements, you can enjoy a shower and bath without a separate shower area. This offers incredible benefits over an ordinary bathtub that we will cover later in the blog. 

Why Straight Shower Baths are a Popular Choice?

There are many reasons for which these bathtubs have become a popular choice everywhere. Few of them are listed here

straight shower baths

  • Solve Your Problem of Choosing Between Bath and Shower

 The biggest reason for their popularity is undoubtedly their utility and practicality. When the shower started to become popular, people realized that they needed it in their bathroom. However, most of them already had a bathtub. As most of the bathrooms in the UK have limited space, it was not possible to have both at the same time. Then such baths were offered which offer both facilities in one unit with requiring extra space or money. 

  • Fit into the Most of The Spaces. 

Another good thing about straight shower baths in the UK is that they can fit perfectly into most of the spaces. Whether it is along the wall or the corner, their fitting requirements are not different from a standard bath. While there are other shapes of shower baths are available, like l or p, that may need some extra space, the straight bath tubs do not need that. 

  • Save Space and Money. 

It is obvious that with these shower bathtubs, you don’t need separate utilities. That means the space that would otherwise require for the shower will be saved from it. In addition to that, these are very economical with a price range nearly like an ordinary bath. That means the money that you otherwise would have spent on the shower area can also be saved from it. 

  • Availability of Various Size 

Bathrooms have different sizes, so the bath area. Therefore, different homeowners need different sizes of shower baths. The great thing about straight baths is that they are available in various sizes that range from 1400mm to 1800mm. While most bathrooms can fit a standard size of 1700mm, you can easily find any otherwise that is bigger or smaller than this.

Finding The Perfect Straight Shower Baths

In this article, we discuss straight shower baths. These are an excellent choice for all types of bathrooms. However, you will need to consider your bathroom size, layout, and other requirements while choosing the one. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we offer you everything you need for a bathroom makeover. Our range includes perfect bathroom suites, shower enclosures, basins, and toilets, etc. You can visit our website and avail of huge discounts with our weekly sale offers.

Do You Want to Install Shower Bathtub?

In this article, we discuss shower bathtubs. These are great for a family bathroom and offer great benefits like space-saving, economy, and aesthetics as well. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, you buy everything you need for your bathroom makeover project.

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