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Visible or Invisible? The Truth About Clear Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners comprised of clear plastic braces that work the same as the metal braces. The custom-fit removal trays straighten the teeth and realign the bites. Most of the patients do not get curious after knowing this much information. But there is the biggest question that is still asked among a lot of people.

Well, the treatment is more unnoticeable because orthodontists deploy the clear Invisalign aligners that are made of patented material also known as Smart-track. It is a flexible plastic material that is hard to notice by the onlookers.

Clear vs Invisible:

Invisalign aligners are made with clear material. Again, transparent plastic isn’t the same as the invisible substance. No doubt, Invisalign aligners are hard to detect and other people won’t be able to notice them quickly. But it is impossible for Invisalign aligners to be invisible.

What Makes Your Aligners Noticeable:

In most instances, people won’t be able to notice the aligners except certain conditions when the clear braces become visible-


If you stand in the direct sunlight or a bright room, the light may reflect off the plastic aligners.

Debris Accumulation:

If you have gaps between teeth and using Invisalign aligners to treat that, then those gaps trap a bit of food and saliva which make the aligners visible.


Even if orthodontists advise patients to wear a brace for 20-22 hours a day, you must remove them from your teeth whenever you eat or drink something. Else, it will stain your teeth, which makes the braces more visible to others.


In a custom Invisalign treatment plan, you may need to use some other items besides the aligners. For example, buttons or attachments are those add-ons which makes the orthodontic treatment more visible.

Halo effect:

The halo effect is something you get as the teeth get wrapped with plastic aligners. The thickness of the plastic or minute space that exists between teeth and the braces can create a halo effect and makes the aligner visible.

Wide smile line:

If you are someone whose lips hide the edges of the aligners, then it’s perfectly fine. But if you have a relatively high lip or smile line, your aligners cover most or not each of your teeth. So, people may be able to see them.

Surface accumulation:

Surface accumulation is quite common to happen if you apply a colored lip gloss or lipstick, which may get smudged over the surface of the aligners.

These all the factors really matter if the person who can notice works closely with you. If the person is 3 feet or more away from you, then it won’t be any problem, but being closer than this can obviously make your clear braces easily visible.

Things you can do to make braces less noticeable:

If you decided to straighten your misaligned teeth considering Invisalign, there are certain things that can increase its efficiency making it less noticeable-

Brush Your Teeth Before Putting Trays Back Into Your Mouth:

Dirty teeth not slow down the treatment process but also affect the aligners. A dirty mouth contains saliva which can breakdown the aligners if they are cleaned on a regular interval. Without it, the braces will be more flexible and become less capable to move your teeth effectively and get stained as well.

Use the Right Cleaning Method for the Aligners:

Now you might think that toothpaste and toothbrush can help to clean the aligners in the same way as they work for the teeth. But it is not the case though. Toothbrush damage the aligners creating scratches that can hold bacteria. These bacteria in the aligners will make the aligners less effective and worn. Instead of glossy and clear texture, this, in turn, make the aligners a thick and white layer over your teeth.

Be Gentle to Your Aligners:

In the case of most Invisalign patients, they often forget that they are wearing it for a long time. Sometimes, they even forget to take off the braces before eating and drinking, which can damage the aligners and reduce their efficiency. Over time, this habit makes the braces stained or sometimes got visible cracks on the aligners. Hence be careful with what and when you are eating. Else, it can slow down the teeth alignment process.

Lastly, choose the right Invisalign provider who can guide you throughout the orthodontic treatment to keep your braces in good condition and less noticeable to people around you.

Want to know more about Invisalign clear braces or treatment in general? Book a free consultation for Invisalign aligners with us and we will help you to decide whether the treatment is right for you or not.

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