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Top Project Management Software to Look at in 2022!

Before we dive into naming and talking about the project management software for 2022, we want to tell you about what these software can do for you in theory. A project management software is what it sounds like; it helps you plan and execute your project from the beginning to finish. 

So these software allow you to plan your project on them; sketch out a plan, a timeline and actionable things as well. The software also allows you to make the plan you initially had better by helping you come up with a more realistic timeline as well as allowing you to bring in more teamwork and collaboration as well! All in all, project planning software really helps you to take care of everything easily! 

In this piece, we will be giving you the names and details of some of the most popular project planning software out there. We will be telling you about their top features and why users love them. From details about an Airtable demo to telling you about Bitrix24 features; we will give you an idea about it all. So if you are interested in learning more then keep reading this piece! 

Best Project Management Software 2022


The first software in our list is ActiveCollab. This software has a number of features which make it so popular. The first feature we want to highlight is the task management feature which allows you to break down the overall project into small achievable goals. You can set these tasks on the software itself and assign them to individual team members who will then be alerted about it and can get to work. The next feature in ActiveCollab we would like to highlight is the shared text document feature. This feature allows everyone on the team to have access to a text document if it is shared with them. These documents can be used as virtual white boards; to share ideas, give feedback, brainstorm and much more! It makes it very much easier to collaborate with one another because of this feature. 


Bitrix24 is another software we want to tell you about. This software allows you to make things easier for yourself since you are able to use the software to manage your project a lot more easily. The software has an instant messaging feature which everyone in your team can have access to and communicate with one another more swiftly. Instead of having to email and wait for teammates to respond to emails; an instant messaging feature makes it much easier. The daily planner feature in this software also allows you to prioritize your important tasks by pinning them to the top and allows you to make a flawless schedule which everyone on your team can view and also abide by. 

You can use Bitrix24 to track your sales, customer service, and marketing activities. The software integrates all of your contacts and activities into one single project, which helps you monitor and manage your pipeline efficiently. You can also customize the software to suit your company’s preferences. You can set up the software on your own and even add your own features. You can then begin using the tool right away. The Bitrix24 software can handle all of your business’s social media needs. 

Can Bitrix24 Manage your Multiple Projects? 

Bitrix24 can manage all of your company’s projects. It allows you to manage projects and tasks and allocate resources appropriately. It syncs with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. Its email feature is exceptional and can be configured to suit your business’s needs. It also offers time tracking, which many of its competitors don’t yet offer. It can be used to track employee productivity and monitor customer satisfaction. The platform also enables you to use social networking tools and live chat to connect with customers and potential customers. 


Airtable software is the next software on our list for a number of reasons. There is a tagging feature in Airtable software which makes it easier for you to alert your team members about any feedback you might have for them. The feature also allows you to keep on top of your work at all times. There is another Airtable software feature which makes the Airtable cost worth it; the workflow feature. This feature allows you and your team to view all the tasks which need to be completed in order for the project to be completed successfully. The software allows you to make a simple workflow which makes working so much easier. We also suggest that you ask for an Airtable demo to see the software in action yourself and be able to experience its features firshand!  

In this modern, digital world, businesses from all industries need tools that can automate workflows and help them to organize processes. Most importantly, the tool should ensure that they meet specifications. This can be achieved by adopting a project management solution. Airtable software is focusing mainly on collaboration and data organization. Here, we will have a detailed review of the utilizations of Airtable.Another great thing about Airtable software is that it allows you to access data easily.

How Does the Software Work?

Airtable features come with a centralized database. The platform allows you and your team members to work together seamlessly. This way, you will be able to increase efficiency. Accordingly, Airtable also helps you collaborate with familiar spreadsheet-like interfaces.

The moment you use Airtable, you will see how the software performs also like a spreadsheet. You will see rows and columns. Additionally, you will also find a system that acts as an integrated repository of records, content, projects, and ideas.

Jira Agile 

Jira agile is another popular software we feel you should know about. This software has a roadmaps feature which allows you and your team to visualize the project by making a visual roadmap for it on the software.   This feature makes it much easier to assign tasks, add things in different places and much more. All in all; this is great software for your project management needs! 

Pivotal Tracker

The next and last software on our list is Pivotal Tracker. This software has a number of features which make it so popular. The software has a real timeline feature which makes it easier for you and your team to understand everything in terms of when a particular task will be due for the project. The next feature we want to talk about is the dashboard feature.  

Which Project Management Software is Right for You

Now that we have told you so much about so many popular software, you are probably wondering which of these software is right for you. We suggest you write down all the features you would ideally want in a project management software and then compare those features to the one in this software.

We also ask you to get a demo or trial of the software. For example an Airtable demo will help you understand whether or not the software will be worth your time since you will have seen it in action yourself. 

All in all, we are sure you will come to the right conclusion about which of these software you should invest in! 


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