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Top 10 Android App Development Trends to Watch Out In 2022

Do you have an idea for an enterprise eager to create or have their Android App Development? Let’s look at some of the trends and stats.

When it comes time to develop mobile applications, it is no surprise that Android is the most popular choice. 

You are an entrepreneur planning on having their mobile app developed? If so then you definitely need all the information you need to learn about the latest Android app development trends.

Let’s look at some statistics and go to learn more about the rising growing popularity of Android apps as well as the latest trend.

  • Today, Android is one of the most popular mobile OSes that has accumulated nearly 85% of the market share.
  • Google Store Google Store has 3.04 + million applications that encompass browsers for the web, daily tools social media platforms, advanced games, mobile enterprise apps, and more.

These numbers clearly show that app developers must be aware of the latest trending mobile apps and integrate them into their Android applications as early as possible in order to give users an experience that is unique.

Top Android Application Development Trends To Watch Out for In 2021

Being an enterprise owner, you’ll have to follow these trends to stay ahead of the pack.

1. Android Instant Apps

Even though instant Android applications aren’t exactly widespread, slowly and steadily the app display options are gaining popularity. Android Instant app provides software developers with Android Instant Apps SDK and App Links Assistant that permits them to create mobile applications from scratch, or convert current apps to Instant Apps.

An example of this kind can be observed in the following: the Instant app lets users test different games in apps without having to install the application on their device. interesting, right? The benefit of these applications is that they work with all devices, use lesser storage, but provide the most pleasant user experience as well as a user interface.

The future of apps that are instant is here. They are one of the major developments in mobile app development. It allows users to make use of the app without taking up space on their phones. This technology is designed to greatly assist and accelerate the use of various sectors such as games and eCommerce further to be able to make it into the most popular trends in Android app development.

2. Navigation Component

The other benefit of navigation components is that it allows an unpredictably consistent user experience as long as the programmers who use the components, adhere to the specified guidelines for navigation.

3. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology gives advanced solutions to the development of decentralized apps that prevents unauthorized access and promotes openness.

Decentralized applications (Dapps) are Open Source, Smart contract-based software that executes transactions using blockchain. These apps run on a blockchain that is decentralized and the data can’t be altered or erased within the blockchain. These applications represent the future of mobile application development. They enable quicker payments, and more secure data records and are secure against tampering.

With the aid of Blockchain technology, an Android app development company can ensure solid security protocols. The inclusion of blockchain technology is rapidly becoming part of the latest trends in android development, particularly in the financial sector, such as banks, currency exchanges, etc.

4. Google Assistant/Chatbot

In the next few years, we’ll be seeing numerous business owners will be eager to integrate their app services with Google Assistant. Google Assistant. The main benefit of investing in this integrated system is that it gives users quick access to the application directly. Utilizing Google app actions Google application actions users gain access to the app’s deep-link that permits users to perform specific actions within the app using Google Assistant.

Google has announced in 2020 that they’ll be releasing the Google assistant during CES. The feature, dubbed “Scheduled Actions” will permit users to connect with smart devices via google assistant, like turning off or on an electronic device, preparing a cup of coffee, and so on. It will also be capable of controlling 20 home gadgets, such as lights, coffee makers AC units, lights, and more.

5. Multiplatform Development Through Flutter

Flutter is an open-source framework that aids developers create stunning apps with one code base.

Many developers have chosen Flutter as a platform for building mobile applications because of its flexibility. The most important reasons to select Flutter is that it’s easy to master, comes with native designs, etc.

With the most recent update, Google extended Flutter beyond mobile devices and onto the web. Flutter developers now have the ability to make use of macOS, Windows, and Linux as well as additional embedded gadgets. The desktop support offered by flutter is also complemented by plugins that can be used on various platforms.

Flutter is ready to create applications designed for iOS, Android, Fuchsia web, and desktop with new platform support. In addition, they’re engaged with Ubuntu to develop Linux applications and Microsoft’s Android Surface Duo, and Windows 10X which will be available very soon.

The most notable changes made to Flutter 2021 are:

  • reduced size and reduced latency
  • less sluggish animations, more efficient processing of UTF-8 strings
  • Support for mouse cursors
  • new widgets, such as an interactive viewer that allows the pen
  • zoom and drag-n’-drop
  • Sliders for range and dates updated
  • Integrating flutter into the application currently in use, made compatible with Pigeon
  • Improved assistance enhanced help Metal improved help for Metal iOS and the latest Metal gadgets.

6. Internet of Things

The most important mobile app development trend for 2021 is the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things). In Android, the IoT trends result in the development of a lot of the Android features that allow developers to develop devices on top of the well-known hardware platforms, like Raspberry Pi. The most appealing aspect is that developers don’t need any prior knowledge about embedding the design of the system to begin. Instead, they are able to create apps using Android Studio and Android SDK.

5G’s arrival will allow for more devices and data traffic. According to reports, the 5th generation of wireless network technology will bring connectivity to 1.5 billion devices worldwide in the next few years. In addition, it is predicted that worldwide IoT connections will increase by three times up to 25 billion in 2025, and IoT revenues worldwide could quadruple to $1.1 trillion.

In that regard, IoT will focus on creating smart parking areas street lights, smart street lighting, and traffic management as well as improving the industrial and hospitality industries.

7. APM & EMM

APM (Application Performance Management) and EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) are two of the most important elements in mobile-based enterprise application development. These technologies are used to decrease mobile apps’ performance. Due to the increasing popularity of mobile app development, they’ve been able to become the top quality tester of mobile apps.

EMM will include mobile device management application wrapper and containerization as well as some of the elements of file synchronization for enterprise and sharing.

From the work-from-home perspective, EMM has grown many times over the years and is now looking into the automation of processes and workflow optimization. It will also facilitate a faster and more efficient communication flow and the sharing of information

8. Motion Layout

Developers will use Motion Layout to create multiple interfaces using animations, assisting them in understanding what’s happening with the application.

9. Beacon Technology

Companies are slowly beginning to extensively utilize Beacon technology as it helps companies identify potential customers with a specific approach. Beacons are devices that transmit information that is linked with mobile phones, within the specified range. This technology permits businesses to send out different notifications about discounts, hotels nearby, and so on.

Beacon technology’s change from a push marketing approach to an opt-in method is beneficial for a variety of industries. The technology is able to be utilized on the cloud or at-area which is helping to gain momentum and boost its growth over the next years.

Beacon-based notifications allow businesses to connect with their clients in a highly context-sensitive manner. The trend of beacon technology in 2021 will be a catalyst for the emergence of beacon-enabled airports and mobile payment via beacon.

Certain companies are anticipating the rapid growth and usage of iBeacon as well as other similar gadgets to promote marketing.

10. Android Enterprise

Digital transformation is the trend in 2021 for businesses. The initiative led by Google Android enterprise enables employees to utilize Android apps at work. Android Enterprise is an initiative led by Google. Android Enterprise program helps the developers with APIs and other tools required to incorporate the support of Android into solutions for mobile management for enterprises.

Wrapping Up

When we look at the most recent trends in the development of android apps it is evident that the Android Operating System is growing quickly to provide users with an experience that is seamless.

If you want to grow your business with the advancing technology through android apps, then you can place your requirements or contact us at info@artoonsolutions.com.

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