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Tips online health insurance about Corona Vaccination

Got your first dose of vaccine? A lot of questions might be barraging your mind about the post-vaccination routine. A proper health advisory on government portals is available, and many hospitals also provide timely updates regarding post-vaccination care. In addition, online health insurance is usually advised by medical practitioners and reputed media sources are running awareness campaigns daily on social media platforms. The whole of internet is full of content pertaining to the vaccination effects and post-vaccination cares. Here, we bring the necessary information regarding the diet and health routine you need to follow after taking the vaccine.

1. What to eat after the vaccine shot:

Now, this is a crucial question because your first meal after vaccination is of utmost importance. You might suffer from post-vaccine symptoms like weakness, fatigue or mild fever. In this situation, your food intake needs to be full of nutritious ingredients to energize your body. Say a big NO to the oily foods, processed ingredients like pasta, package soups, or noodles. Instead, take soups and juices of fresh vegetables and fruits. Make protein a part of your diet; it will help you get going strong post your vaccine. Intake a handful of food items rich in carbohydrates, iron, vitamins, and calories. It is necessary to build your immunity to withstand the post-vaccine side effects.

2. Hydration is essential:

Maintaining the hydration level in our body is something you all need to focus on. Water is a key element to keep your body’s functionalities up-to-date. Water is essential to digest the food, and missing it is an alarming sign for you. This can add to the health issues that you might face due to the vaccine shot. So, better drink plenty of water, a minimum of 3-4 litres, to keep your mind active and body fit. Drink fresh juices, or consume fruits like watermelon and muskmelon that are water-rich.

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3. Stay alert to the symptoms:

The initial days after vaccination are crucial for our body as it may experience some sudden changes. In adapting to these changes, our immune system compromises, which results in the dropped functioning of our body. To overcome this, plan your few days so that there is a balance between your diet, work, and exercise routines. Consume as much fibre as you can, adopt a healthy diet, indulge in light fitness activities, and take good rest. You can also drink a kadha (decoction) of traditional Indian spices like cloves, turmeric, pepper, etc. It acts as an immunity booster and purifies your body from within.

4. Should you order food online:

Yes, if you do not have provisions for cooking your food at home, you can order your food online. But, avoid ordering junk food; instead, opt for healthy food items like rotis, vegetables, dosa, soups, etc. Also, doctors recommend that after taking the vaccine shot, one should avoid eating synthetic food. It is preferable to avoid spicy food as it may cause acidic reactions, and you definitely won’t want that.

5. Practice healthy habits:

Remember that your immunity lowers for a few days after vaccination, so in this situation, keeping your surroundings hygienic should be your responsibility. Even if you keep your body clean, don’t skip baths due to tiredness. Drink warm water, and take regular steam to eliminate the risk factors. Our health is in our hands, so maintain healthy habits. Take a rest between work, walk a bit during your breaks, try to give comfort to your eyes and brains. Always take water in regular intervals, and do little yoga or meditation to improve your breathing.

6. Restrain from all the addictions:

After getting your vaccine shot, it is advisable to halt all your addictions for at least 45 days. This may sound like a tough thing to do, but it is necessary. Drinking alcohol, smoking, or chewing tobacco products can affect the vaccine’s function. Alcohol acts as an immuno suppressant, and post-vaccination, this can lead to some serious side effects.

7. Don’t forget about online health insurance:

As the vaccine is important to protect Coronavirus, health insurance is equally needed to shield you against health issues. Investments made in health insurance acts as a rescuer for immediate cashless hospitalization and huge Covid related hospital expenses, if any. Now, even during the lockdown period, you can easily buy an online health insurance plan. You need to choose the plan that fits all your requirements and simply purchase it at the ease of your home. Online health insurance is there to safeguard you against the financial costs of your medical expenses.

To sum it all, there is nothing much to worry about post-vaccination effects. Responsibly participate in the vaccination drive and get yourself vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. You just keep the above things in mind and accordingly plan your routine. You will notice that you move out of this quite smoothly. But, even after getting the vaccine shot, you still need to follow all the covid protocols. And yes, purchase online health insurance, Car Insurance and 2 wheeler insurance for additional benefits.

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