The 8 Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

It’s safe to say that the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists. They simply don’t see the motorcycle, or worse yet – they see it but think it’s a car. And motorcycles are everywhere. They’re on the streets, highways, byways, and local roads. And while there may be millions of them out there, it still doesn’t mean everyone sees them in time. Here are some of the top causes for motorcycle accidents:

1: The Blind Spot

The number one cause for motorcycle accidents is The Blind Spot, and it’s lethal, especially if you’re on a motorcycle. What happens is someone in an SUV or other large vehicle wants to change lanes but doesn’t realize there’s a motorcycle driving nearby. They start to change lanes, and then you’re stuck in the middle… a big problem. This is one of the most common motorcycle accident scenarios, and it’s always something to look out for. Güvenilir casino siteleri

2: The Other Lane

You’re sitting at a red light and the car in the lane next to you wants to turn, but they can’t see your motorcycle because of their blind spot. So when the light turns green, you go, only for that person to turn into you from their other lane (which may or may not be the lane they were originally in). Always watch for this.

3: Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist rides between lanes, and it can be pretty dangerous… especially when other drivers don’t see you. A large number of these accidents have to do with a motorist turning in the same lane as the lane-splitting motorcycle. It happens all too often, so always watch out for this issue.

4: Rear-End Collisions

The majority of these kinds of motorcycle accidents happen while you’re stopped, just as you’d expect. Someone will simply plow into the back of you, and often, there’s very little you could have done to avoid it.

5: Passing

Passing is something that happens a lot, and when two vehicles pass each other, it can be a pretty stressful situation for both of them. There’s no hard-and-fast rule here – all you can do is keep your eye out and try to make yourself as visible as possible.

6: Road Conditions

Motorcycle accidents happen when you least expect them, especially if road conditions are less than ideal. When there’s fog or rain, for example, it becomes extra hard to see other vehicles around you – this is an extremely common cause of motorcycle accidents. Furthermore, you really need to watch out for road conditions, especially if it’s something like a patch of oil or other substance on your road. Mariobet

7: Around Intersections

Motorcycle accidents often happen while you’re around intersections and the people in the other vehicle aren’t watching what they’re doing… which can be extremely bad for you if their carelessness ends up leading to an accident. There’s usually little you can do about this kind of situation – it really comes down to whoever had the right-of-way and that person not watching where they’re going.

8: Signaling

Signaling is actually something that riders are usually pretty good about, but it’s tough to know if other motorists are going to notice. The main issue here is that if you signal and then change lanes, there’s a chance that the other person will just keep on going in their original lane. Just be careful with this one, especially if someone else signals next to you.

Ultimately, if you find yourself in an accident, it’s wise to hire a good motorcycle accident attorney and make sure you receive the compensation you likely deserve if it wasn’t your fault. Mobilbahis

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