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Mercane Mx60 Kick Electric Scooter Review

The MX60 electric scooter is a fantastic choice if you want the flexibility of riding on and off-road. The mercane mx60 sturdy body, strong stem, and thick tires make it ideal for endurance riding. You can go long distances and reach the Mercane MX60’s peak speeds with a scooter.

The ability to detach the battery pack, which is housed in the scooter deck and secured with a combination lock, makes the electric scooter special. 20 Ah battery packs are available for the scooter. The pneumatic wheels have a diameter of 11 inches. Each motor’s rated output is 1200W, giving a whopping 2.4 kilowatts of power in total.

Mercane MX60 Summary

This scooter’s dual motor output of 1200 Watts. And three power modes give it the ability to overcome steep inclines (as high as 40 degrees) without sacrificing power.

Not even going to mention how advanced its suspension abilities are! You’ll glide over uneven terrain with ease thanks to your tubeless, 11-inch pneumatic tires with air shocks. The 60-mile range you need can be found with a 60-volt, 20-amp-hour rechargeable battery. At 77 lbs. And to top it off, it can go over any surface.

The newest scooter from Mercane Wheels have designed to fit any lifestyle. This amazing electric scooter is made by the Mercane team. For those of us who value design, customization, and the best possible build quality. You have the choice of adding a seat to this design.

Performance Overview

The electric MX60 scooter is a powerful vehicle. This scooter’s 2400 W motor power provides. It with exceptional torque and riding abilities that let it easily navigate hills and cover long distances. A little under 40 mph for its top speed.

You can choose your favorite speed and torque from three helpful power settings (Eco, Standard, and Sports). The gears, cruise control, dual vs. single mode, and throttle are all conveniently located. And the mechanical disc brakes offer superb stopping power.

Electric scooters like the Mercane are not intended for daily use. With a top speed of just under 40 MPH, it is also among the swiftest scooters available. The powerhouse of a scooter, the MX60 is an electric scooter. This scooter’s amazing torque and riding skills, which allow it to easily navigate hills and cover long distances, are provided by its 2400 W motor.

It’s a great scooter for getting around your neighborhood. If you’re looking for a scooter for commuting, avoid this one. The following are significant characteristics of the Razor E95 scooter.

Speed and Acceleration

The MERCANE MX60 is an all-wheel drive (AWD), high-performance car built for acceleration and speed. It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5 seconds and have a top speed of 60 mph.

Up to ten miles per hour is the maximum speed that the mercane can travel. For commuters and experienced scooter riders, this speed may seem slow. But you must consider who this scooter is intended for.

Anyone looking for a premium, the long-lasting ride should consider the Mercane mX60 electric scooter because it is dependable and ideal. With a top speed of 10 mph and a sturdy steel frame, this scooter is built to last. If you want a scooter that moves more quickly, look at models like the mercane mX60 Metro.

Hill Climbing                                     

One of those electric scooters that can readily climb slopes as steep as 40 degrees is the Mercane MX60. With a motor that few scooters can equal. The MX60 is built for outdoor use, and climbing hills is just one more thing it can do.

Battery and Range

The MX60 electric scooter’s two battery charge ports come in very handy. No need to move the entire scooter to a charging station—just unhook the 60V, 20Ah battery and recharge as necessary.

A ride-on toy that runs on batteries, the mercane mX60 electric scooter, is a top speed of 9 miles per hour. It is a rechargeable battery that can operate continuously for up to 40 minutes. In order to let you know when to recharge, the Power Core E95 also have a built-in brake system and power indicator.

Engine Configuration

The three power settings of the MX60 are Eco, Standard, and Sports. You can alternate between single and twin motor modes according to how quickly you want to cover the MX60’s 62-mile maximum range.

A motorized scooter with a powerful and effective engine is the mercane mX60 electric scooter. A chain-driven, 95-watt motor with a top speed of 10 mph powers the device. The mercane mX60 electric scooter is a fantastic option for riders looking for a quick, dependable scooter because of its motor configuration.

Construction and Quality

A powerful-looking electric scooter with excellent build quality is the Mercane MX60. The deck has been widened for stability, and the frame has been redesigned for a more comfortable ride. The Mercane MX60 is a powerful-looking electric scooter with an impressive construction that is rock-solid.

The mercane mX60 electric scooter have an airless rear tire and an all-steel frame and fork for maximum durability. Kids should use caution when riding the scooter due to the poor brakes, which is the second disadvantage. Furthermore, if properly maintained, the frame’s incredibly sturdy aluminum material will last for many years.

Suspension and Comfort

The suspension on a Mercane MX is faultless. You can glide over uneven terrain with ease thanks to the MX60’s improved air suspension, which includes air shock absorbers and an additional damping control system. The comfort of riding this electric scooter is unmatched.

Mercane MX’s suspension is outstanding. The MX60’s excellent air suspension, which includes air shock absorbers and an extra damping control system, allows you to glide over uneven terrain with ease.

Ride Quality

The MX60’s is known for having one of the best rides in the industry, which increases riding comfort. These pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride reducing the jarring effects of difficult terrain in conjunction with air shocks.

A brand-new electric scooter with excellent ride quality is the mercane mX60 electric scooter. Anyone who wants a comfortable, smooth ride will love it. Anyone seeking a fun, compact vehicle should consider the scooter. A simple method of transportation due to its ease of use.


The front light on the stem of this electric scooter is fantastic. if you want to ride after dark. A brilliant high-mounted LED light is included with the Razor Core E95 on the front.

The tail light at the back, is a tiny red LED light. Along the sides of the scooter’s deck are reflectors as well. Consider adding an external LED light to your handlebars or helmet if the headlight isn’t bright enough for you.


The MX60’s double disc brakes, which provide improved stopping power, contribute to its exceptional braking performance. Applying pressure to the brake levers, the front and rear brakes of the MX60 begin to work.

Regenerative brakes, which are becoming more and more common in electric scooters, are present on the Razor Core E95. This suggests that the kinetic energy of braking is used to recharge the scooter’s battery.


The Mercane electric scooter weighs 77 pounds, which is not the lightest among them. With a straightforward twisting folding mechanism, you can fold and lock this scooter in place for easy transit, making up for its lack of lightweight.

The mercane mX60 does not fold, which is a bummer. On the other side, large handlebars can unhook to make the stage easier.


One feature of this nimble e-scooter that really stands out is the Mercane MX60’s tires. The astounding 11 x 4-inch width of the tubeless pneumatic tires gives them away as being serious about their work.

For high-performance vehicles, there is a tire called the mercane mX60 electric scooter. Its asymmetric tread pattern offers excellent handling and traction in all weather conditions.


The deck of the Mercane MX60 is spacious enough to allow standing. To allow for a comfortable riding position with one foot in front of the other, it might slightly longer.

Controls and Display

The Mercane MX60 electric scooter have a smart LCD display panel on the handlebars that allows you to view the data and adjust settings like cruise control, kick-and-go sensitivity, and screen brightness. And other things. Press down on the pull throttle adjacent to the display screen to speed up.

Water Resistance

With an IP65 water resistance rating, the MX60 electric scooter can survive light rain and water sprays.


The warranty is among the most vital. A lengthy warranty is a sign that the business is confident in the caliber of its offering. A 5-year parts and labor warranty.

The Mercane MX60 offers a 6-month warranty and a 14-day return policy, according to the vendor’s website. Over the years, scooters have evolved into what is now known as electric scooters. The first scooters were simple devices without a motor system. The cyclist could only use one foot to accelerate.

There are now electric scooters on the market, like the mercane mX60 electric scooter. They do a broad variety of tasks, move very quickly, and endure longer. One of the best scooters for teenagers just starting out is the Razor E95 electric scooter. It is a large frame and tires that are extra wide.



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