Medical Website for Doctors: 8 Good Reasons

The digital revolution is on its way! Creating your medical website has become essential to expanding your patient base. How do you get a website adapted to your activity? Discover the keys to implementing an effective digital strategy.

When sites are springing up all over the web, can we claim to be unaware of it? In addition, the success of health supermarkets exposes pharmacies to the full force of competitive pressure: discount prices and aggressive marketing. You have everything to gain by creating your medical website. The stakes are high for neighborhood pharmacies: visibility, additional sales, new customers, advice, and digital services.

Capture a new clientele thanks to local referencing

Today, referencing your website in the city is essential to capturing new customers. Hence, the importance of being well referenced on Google Maps makes you visible to local customers! Moreover, listing in the Google Directory is free…

On Google, the best-referenced websites are the kings of the track! Thus, when an Internet user searches for a medical with his nose riveted on his smartphone, the search engine offers by default the nearest medical (“within 400m”) and the on-duty medical field (“currently open”).

Big Brother tells you almost everything (distance, address, opening hours, etc.), as well as the shortest way to get there. It is still necessary that your information is well-informed and that your medical is referenced. The icing on the cake? Access to your website, of course!

Extend your medical website

The website is essential to increase your notoriety, recruit new customers and develop your sales. Do you still doubt it?

  • When your medical website design is created, some of your essential services remain assured.
  • Visible and readable, it allows your customers to find important information: opening hours, the address of your medical field, and the products and services you offer.

Should we also be present on social networks?

By animating your community on Facebook and Instagram, you give your advice, answer questions, and create interaction. This is essential to maintain your relationships with your customers in the future and give visibility to your actions. Thus Facebook allows you to warn of the launch of a vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu. So invite your patients to come and get vaccinated.

Simplify your exchanges and save time daily

Is saving time behind the scenes to better serve your customers a dream or a reality for you? Digitization is good for simplifying your exchanges!

If the online sale of your products is far from being a priority for you, know that you can activate digital services on your website that reduce waiting time, anticipate your customers’ orders, and therefore optimize the management of your flows:

  • The “Click & Collect” service (close to in-store collection) allows customers to reserve their products online on your website and collect their items.
  • The “Scan prescription” function allows him to send a photo of the prescription directly with his smartphone or a computer by scanning it at home.

For your part, you anticipate the preparation of orders in the quietest time slots of the day. Admittedly, this involves a minimum of reorganization, but you save time and the satisfaction of your customers!

Reinforce your patient satisfaction

Thus, by specifying on your website the day and time at which he intends to pick up his medicines and/or his products in medical, he avoids long queues at the counter. The payment made in the medical pharmacy also saves shipping costs.

So imagine! Admittedly, for parents in a hurry, it is one less constraint to manage than avoiding an untimely visit to the medical website.

A satisfied customer is worth two. What does that mean exactly? You earn points on both counts: A shortened queue at peak times means precious time saved to be more attentive to your customers’ needs.

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Develop your medical website consulting business

Each season has its share of small and big hassles (recurrent colds, vaccination against the flu, etc.). Your customers constantly demand information, and your teams must ensure on all the tables!

Beyond the delivery of drugs, the quality of the advice provided to your patients plays a key role in building customer loyalty and strengthening the relationship of trust established with the patient.

Strengthen your advisory role

However, be aware that a medical website is an ideal place to highlight your consulting services and publicize your missions:

  • Participate in screening for infectious diseases
  • Contribute to primary care
  • Promote teleconsultation in pharmacies
  • Do some vaccinations…

Aromatherapy advice page of the course medical website

Promote your offers and your products on a medical website

Faced with the success of hypermarkets and distributors specializing in medical, you must develop the attractiveness of your medical and re-enchant the customer journey… to meet the expectations of consumers as volatile as soap bubbles.

Plan a news calendar to define the content to publish on your website and social networks according to your annual promotional plan that:

  • highlighting your flagship products and brands
  • current promotions on medical products
  • offer “advice” appointments to your patients
  • raise public awareness to promote prevention and screening

Use ingenuity to stay in the hearts of your increasingly connected customers. Consider your website as the showcase of your medical website, and push your best offers and promotions on their favorite brands and products!

Create a personalized medical website

The idea is to design for you a tailor-made site, a real showcase for your medical, which enhances your activity. You are neither a florist nor a baker: visual identity, structure, content (text and images), your website must best reflect your activity!

Showcase your specialties

Suppose you are more specialized in aromatherapy and essential oils, homeopathy, or orthopedic equipment. Depending on the target clientele, your website must clarify your positioning as an eco-responsible medical.

Specialties of the medical website.

Medical equipment page strike of the medical website.

How to launch your website easily?

Ready to create your website? If you are looking for a service provider capable of creating your site from A to Z, we recommend that you use a qualified web agency. For example, Pharma web, a web agency specializing in the pharmaceutical sector, knows your issues and constraints well.

A project manager, your single point of contact, will accompany you at each stage of the project:

  • Graphic design and management of your content
  • Updating your information
  • Integration of digital services (prescription scan, etc.)
  • The mobile adaptation of your site (“mobile responsive”)
  • SEO optimization (SEO = Search Engine Optimization)
  • Maintenance and hosting of your site.


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