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London Gates Reviews 2021- Is It The Right Broker For You?

Financial losses take away your peaceful nights of sleep but if you look closely, they have a lot to offer. This might sound weird to you but let me tell you that I am a trader who has lost tons of dollars because of these firms and I believe that these fraudulent firms have taught me lessons that courses worth millions could have not. This is why I am here. I want you all to learn my lessons without having to suffer financially and mentally.

Before we start, let me tell you that I feel like I stand eligible to write this review not only because I am a customer of London Gates, but also because I have been to a lot many before joining this one. All of them were more horrible than the previous ones but if I look back, I see that had there not been these firms, I would have been just another average trader. Like they say coal bears pressure to become a diamond, I’ll say that in order to become successful, you need to have your fair share of struggle, and only then you can expect to turn your small business into large ones.

I got to know about London Gates through a friend’s cousin who lived near my house. One day I was walking back home disappointed when he found me and suggested I look into this forum. I was not ready to be scammed again but he somehow convinced me and here I am today. I wish to pass on most of what I have learned to you today so that you all can work your way towards maximum profits.

One tip is to always research yourself, listen to what others are saying but always reach a decision when you are sure that your choice is the right one. Also, not everyone will be honest to you so it is you who will have to see whom to trust. Well, before we start with the review I’d like to talk to you about the broker a little. The broker is considered to be one of the most trustworthy brokers all around the globe. My initial research revealed to me that London Gates has a very good reputation in the trading circles. After learning this I was sort of convinced regarding the broker being worth the shot. Because I have an idea how much it takes to establish a reputation and that too when you have such a competitive environment and all your opponents never let go a single opportunity to malign the company.

Also, they have customers from all around the globe and this worldwide trust has allowed the broker to grow at a massive pace. After signing up for this platform, I must say I found most of what I was told correct. London Gates has provided me with a great trading experience but the broker has some flaws which need to be looked into. I agree how these have never hindered my trading significantly but their improvement will make the firm even better.

5 Stars


Security is something that is the most important factor a trader looks for. If a platform isn’t secure, no matter how efficient it is all the efforts are wasted. A good forum can compromise on anything but the safety of assets and private information of the clients because, in reality, it isn’t the client’s money only but also their future. And this is why security is the top priority at platforms that wish to facilitate their customers for longer terms.

At London Gates, I have never observed anything suspicious or felt unsafe. In fact, I have read the disclaimer Multiple times which says that the firm’s operations are restricted in some jurisdictions. This is done only to ensure that the rest of the customers are not exposed to any security threats. I have also read the legal documents on the website which talk about legal stances and policies. These documents include Anti Money Laundering Policy, Terms and Conditions, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, etc. After going through these I was impressed by the way they had clearly stated all the associated threats to ensure you are fully aware of where you stand. You see, such approaches reflect the sincerity of a company towards its customers.

london gates_review


There are variable views regarding the themes of the website. I belong to the league which says that the websites should always go for lighter themes because they are more pleasing to the eyes and hence using the website and making complex trading operations becomes very easy. When I first opened the website, I was happy to see that the developers have kept the background light and overall theme of the website is good. I like how they have decided to go a black font colour to make the text stand out in the white background. Also, the font style and sizes make the text eligible. Incorporating videos into the website has made it more engaging and that is how a forex firm should be. Highlighting important options, using different colour patches, all of this makes the website much more attractive and hence easy to use. I have to say that for someone like me, this is one of the best themes one can have but there are individuals who like to go for darker shades. Since they are large in number, the company should consider introducing an option that lets you pick a theme of choice.

Payment Options

A good brokerage firm always keeps in mind that it has clients from diverse backgrounds. This means that their conveniences differ and it is the responsibility of the firm to keep a track of all of them. London Gates has always considered this before coming up with anything and this shows in the Payment options. Currently, the firm offers a total of 5 different payment methods; maestro, Mastercard, VISA, Bank Wire, and PayPal. The first four are available on many portals online but the introduction of PayPal is a great initiative.

4 Stars


As a trader, you have maximized chances of being successful if you try your luck in different areas. Let’s say you are a commodity trader but you occasionally make Crypto deals. If your Commodities business does not work out for some time you can always divert your attention to Crypto and continue making money. Our seniors have always suggested we not stick to one area only and keep exploring other avenues.

But this can only be done if your firm supports multiple trading assets. Here at London Gates, you will get access to more than 200 tradable assets and this lets you keep going on and tapping new areas. I remember when I joined, I had no idea about stocks. I always thought that it was nothing but risky, but gradually London Gates gave me the confidence to do my first stocks deal. I bought those of McDonald’s and I made a profit of around 20% that year. I have also just recently made my first bitcoin deal and I must say the experience was great. Now that I have so much added to my portfolio, I have a lot more opportunities than before.

Customer Care

I have benefited from this department a lot and every time I have gone back to them, I have found them incredibly helpful and welcoming. The individuals on the other side are highly professional and take your problems very seriously. I like how you never feel dumb for asking small and basic questions. The representatives know how to deal with old and new traders and this has been taught through training sessions which they get to attend before getting in touch with the customers. The company has introduced some ways to contact such as email, form, and live chat. There is no call option and this has to be worked upon. Also, the chat operation hours are limited so they need to be expanded.

3 stars


Since London Gates has always taken care of the diverse needs of traders it is expected that they make the website available in a number of languages but unfortunately, it is only available in English currently. It is understandable that this language is most read and understood but not everyone is equally good at it so this has to be looked into soon.

The Concluding Remarks

London Gates, as I mentioned above, is not absolutely flawless but to me it works just the right way. Had it not been for this broker, I would have never reached the current heights of success. At this platform, I have not only received an optimal trading environment, but they have also provided me with all the confidence that a trader needs in order to establish themselves as successful.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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