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If Sony tried to make a statement with the release of its PlayStation 4 console – it did a good job. Unlike many pre-game rhetoric, the PS4 seems to have posted its claims and is the most powerful console on the market. It has seen some of its exterior fixes and some major design changes on its Dual Shock controller.

In addition, it has increased memory and significantly increased the performance of its processors. This update is clearly visible and the PS4 brings stunning HD graphics running seamlessly and lightning fast. PS4 is best when you live stream your game with Discord streamer mode.

With some well-chosen game titles, streaming access, and multiplayer skills, the PlayStation character will greet the new arrival with warm hands. Not to mention that the price of this console is running at around $ 100 below its most powerful competitor – the Xbox One. Stopped by today, the PS4 has really intervened.

Performance: 5.0 / 5.0

The PS4 has a single-chip processor that includes a core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” CPU with a 1.84 teraflop GPU. It supports 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and has a 500GB mechanical hard drive. Sony boasts that its new hardware allows it to perform ten times better than the last PS3. That’s very good to play games like Warforged names on PS4.

Another nice touch is that the PS4 comes with a 500GB drive. This extra space is useful when downloading movies and games on the PlayStation market. In case you feel overwhelmed by the space, don’t worry, as the hard drive can also be upgraded automatically without closing the warranty.

The PS4 graphics are amazing and the comfort response is currently incomparable. Most impressive is the fact that the machine can perform at such a high level without feeling like an airplane or overheating. Not to mention, all the electricity is installed inside the unit; unlike the Xbox One we still have an external power cord to try to save space inside the console.

Features: 5.0 / 5.0

The PS4 comes in the same dark matte part and partial exterior gloss as the Xbox One. However, it has a completely different look. That’s because the PS4 games are a small and smooth design and don’t look like a big VCR from the mid 80’s. I’m not saying the Xbox one is the sister of a bad move without a bunch, but it probably won’t be asked at prom if the PS3 was there and willing. Now, to all of you who have recently been offended by this superficial statement, I am well aware that my mother has always said, “That is what matters inside.” And in this regard, I assure you, the PS4 will still be the first to be questioned in dance.

The PS4 has seen some changes in its components, and for this reason, any of your older PlayStation devices will not work – consider that.

While PS4 does not have the ability to go back and play your PS3 titles, most of the games it previously had can be purchased at a huge discount in their online store. Capture end – you will have to insert the old PS3 disc into the console while playing the online version.

Games purchased from the PlayStation Store are downloaded directly to the hard drive and there is no need to worry about a lost or scratched disc. The only downside is the fact that downloaded articles cannot be borrowed over the weekend or sold on credit at your local sports store. As this form of gaming becomes increasingly popular, stores such as GameStop and other game retailers are likely to take the credit – that’s even a seat near Blockbuster in “Reminiscence Park.”

The new PS4 Dual Shock 4 has seen some changes in the body that make it a little more prominent than its previous counterparts. Some of the most notable changes are related to analog sticks; placed slowly to avoid a thumbs-up collision. They are also designed for retractable peaks and are covered with a rubber cloth to improve grip. The Dual Shock 4 also comes with an external speaker and a headset for your headset, just know, it can only remove the stereo from the controller connection – however, a nice touch. I would say that one of the best features of the Dual Shock 4 design is the metal touch pad on the control surface. It works like a portable touch pad and is extremely smooth and responsive.

Although Dual Shock 4 can be purchased and used on PS3, the old Dual Shock 3 controls are not compatible with PS4.

For those who already have PS Vita, you can stream games from your PS4 via Wi-Fi to a portable unit. This creates a second viewing screen, similar to the Wii U, and allows you to play games while the other person is using the TV. While this is a good feature, it probably would not be excused to buy PS Vita on its own.

The PlayStation camera is a good touch, but it takes a very small touch to see that it’s not nearly as powerful as the Xbox Kinect and it doesn’t seem to have enough game connectivity to make it worth it. It also has a voice command feature, though very limited, and you might want to consider spending your money on another controller instead.

Imultimedia: 4.4 / 5.0

The PS4 seems to have taken a back seat in its previous plans to become a media hub throughout. While it can boast of having one of the best Blu-Ray and DVD players on the market, unlike the PS3, it can no longer play music files, CDs, or easily stream content to your PC. Instead, it seems to work like the Roku. However, if you wish to use the console only to play games or have occasional access to Netflix and other movie apps, you are set. You can even use the PS4 to connect to social networks and share some of your highlights of the game – nothing like a showcase.

In terms of music, the Xbox and PS4 have their own channels. It works just as well as Pandora and allows users to listen to all the albums. The only downside is that it is slow and slightly refined in realizing the true type of music or artist you are looking for. Along with this feature comes “Unlimited Video.” Another movie-based channel that is surprisingly deep in the selection of titles and allows for streaming to other devices as well.

The PlayStation online gaming community has seen some great improvements in the visual and playable interface features. The only downside is, like the Xbox, PS4 users will now have to pay to access multiplayer space. Although this is a change from PS3, where it was free, the experience has been greatly improved and will be considered cost-effective.

One useful feature of PS4 is the iOS and Android app that allows users to connect to the PlayStation Store and buy and download games while away from home. Using this app, games can be downloaded automatically to the console, while you’re away from home, and be ready to play when you arrive. Overall, the PS4 still has good connectivity and a variety of features in the multimedia department, but it lacks the depth that PS3 has. Due to some of these complaints, Sony has noticed and I think they will make some changes to their updates.

Key: 4.9 / 5.0

The PS4 weighs $ 100 cheaper than the Xbox One, but even if you remove part of Kinect to drop the price of the Xbox, the PS4 is a much better dollar. Its performance is undeniable and even if the Xbox One is a well-built unit, until Microsoft faces some operational challenges, it will not be on the elbow with Sony.

In view of the worsening evils, the PS4 will only come with two forward USB ports. We heard that the existing design error with the PS3 would be addressed, but apparently not. And it doesn’t have the depth of game titles like the Xbox One, and it always has that story. However, it is in a wide area and has many heavy bullets to hit and a promising future.

The PS4 is a powerful gaming console that brings gamers exactly what they want; seamless HD play experience with fully functional and controllable. Depending on its undeniable performance, improved design, and price point, Top Consumer Reviews find that drafting the first round is neutral.

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