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Four benefits of saffron in male

Saffron , it has numerous magical effects on health and widely used by women as a beauty enhancer

People also use it in the kitchen to add some flavour and colour in their food. But along with that it has numerous benefits for health of men as well which most of the people are not aware of

Saffron is the female flowering part and considered as a very effective natural herb and commonly use by asian countries

In men it shows some very effective changes such as  it is very beneficial for enhancing the fertility rate reduces the chances of pre- ejaculation or early  ejaculation or early orgasm it works as an aphrodisiac which increases the libido and also leads to profuse sweating along with all such benefit there are a lot more such as

  • Good for infertility – due to change in lifestyle ,work load ,stress all these things are responsible for hormonal imbalancing , improper body functions and physiology that leads to alot of diseases and problems and one the most common these days is infertility . There are alot of reasons for infertility in males like less sperm count , less sperm motility and quality , less penetration power of sperm to fertilize the women’s egg and alot more.

But saffron is so beneficial for this it helps in improving the quality and motility of sperm so that it can reach the egg effectively and it also helps in enhancing the sperm penetration power which ultimately increases the fertility. So being a natural  ingredient with not many side effects it can be considered as a good option to treat infertility. While buying saffron, you can check out the quality of saffron and it’s certifications.

Dissolve 30-50 mg of saffron in milk or that particular dosage that is prescribed by doctor and take it in routine for like 2-3 weeks shoes you the great effects

  • In men, early orgasm , early ejaculation , erectile dysfunctioning is a major issue and it’s rate is increasing day by day. And saffron is very very beneficial in that . According to research saffron shows great improvement against this . It acts as an aphrodisiac and increase the power of libido which ultimately improve the erection of penis and it also enhances the proper blood circulation which shows the great impact on male sexual health.

Hence saffron is a good option to choose with less or may be no side effects of used in right dosage and for the right time.

  • Saffron is also good for heart These days heart disease are seen to be increasing day by day due to bad food habits , no lifestyle routines etc.


But saffron is very beneficial. It helps in reducing the cholesterol levels and keep them in balance and saffron has anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory properties which helps in maintaining the cardiovascular health by improving the functions of blood vessels and it also helps in lowering the blood pressure. You can check out the kesar benefits below.

  • Saffron also helps in increasing the Oxygen concentration by enhancing alveolar oxygen supply and enhances pulmonary oxygenation and function.

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