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Many men and women opt for hair coloring services as a fashion choice or to hide their greying hair. While there are at-home hair coloring kits available, it is hard to apply them accurately if one does not know the right steps. 

Not to mention, aftercare is highly important to follow as well to maintain the vibrancy and appearance of the hair color. 

For this purpose, it is better to rely on professional services for transforming your look through methods like dying your hair. They would apply the right products, use safe practices, and create a suitable new look that suits your preference and personal style. 

Choose the Best Hair Color, According to Your Skin Type

Fair Skin

  • Cool undertones 

In terms of the right hair color for fair people with a cool undertone, the blonde shades are the best options. Here, experts suggest cool blond color hues, like baby blond or platinum blonde.

Notably, it is important to evade warm hues like coppers, golds, and caramel. Typically, these shades clash against the porcelain skin hue. 

As for darker colors, dark red or jewel-toned shades like dark brown (deep) and solid blue-undertone jet black colors are suitable. 

  • Warm undertones 

Fair men and women with warmer skin undertone look good in shades like golden blonde, strawberry, copper red, and rust. Plus, the butterscotch and caramel tones are suitable alternatives. Also, dodge the black hair choice with violet or blue undertones. 

  • Neutral undertones

Blonde shades are suitable for people who have a neutral undertone and fair coloring. For this, select the fitting shade, like platinum blonde without a blue undertone or a light champagne blonde color. For a darker color change, opt for extremely deep brown shades. 

Medium Skin

  • Cool undertones 

For blonde individuals with medium skin complexion, beige, wheat, and sand colors compliment the cool undertones. On the other hand, brunettes look good in light brown to medium brown. Redheads must opt for cinnamon tone or medium auburn coloring instead.

  • Warm undertones 

Those with medium skin tone and a warm undertone should opt for a golden tone with both darker or lighter hair colors. Here, avoid the pale blonde option. Other notable colors that suit this skin tone are light golden brown, butterscotch, golden red, and copper. 

  • Neutral undertones

It is best to combine both cool and warm tone colors for this complexion-and-undertone combination. Notably, gradient ombre hair coloring style suits these individuals. 

For example, keep the base in a soft golden hue and transition it into a cooler shade in the lower hair ends. Hair colorings blend the transition well. Also, do not choose a red hue and add highlights. 

Olive Skin 

  • Cool undertones 

Olive skin is compatible with shades of brown and black. Keeping the base color in the dark hue and adding honey blond or caramel highlights is useful. 

Autumn, cinnamon, and chestnut colors are suitable choices among reddish-brown hair color options. 

  • Warm undertones 

Caramel and deep golden hair colors are good choices here for olive complexions with a warm undertone. As for the red color, the violet-red option is acceptable. Black hair with a blue undertone and honey blonde shades are good choices here. 

  • Neutral undertones

Chocolate and chestnut colors are suitable choices, along with a soft balayage effect. Here, adding a honey effect over a dark base color is satisfactory. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Hair Coloring and Care

  • Do select the right options

It is important for people coloring their hair to select the right products and help. Also, invest in compatible shampoo and conditioner products that are safe for colored hair. 

You should go for touch-up appointments from the hair colorists as well to maintain the colored look. To note, you can get a full hair color for your hair via at-home methods. 

However, it is better to depend on salon professionals for complex coloring techniques like ombre, balayage, and highlighting.

  • Don’t apply heat

To maintain a good colored hair condition, you avoid heating products like hairdryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Indeed, these can damage your hair quality. Frequent heating makes the hair brittle and dry over time, so you should stop using them before hair coloring. 

  • Do select the right shade

It is better to select the correct color shade for your hair before beginning the procedure. Going for another round of coloring just after you got your hair colored can damage the hair more. So, examine your shade-hair color combination and ask the professionals first to not regret the color change later. 

  • Don’t wash the hair

You should steer clear of washing your hair just before starting the hair coloring process. When someone washes the hair, the natural oil on the scalp gets washed away. This is a vital layer that normally protects the scalp from hair dye chemicals. 

Washing your hair beforehand would make the process feel painful and irritate the skin; so, avoid that. Also, do not wash your hair directly after hair color application either.

  • Do tangle your hairs

It is important for people to properly detangle their hair before the hair coloring procedure. Indeed, tangles and knots can make it hard for the stylist or you to evenly apply the hair in all layers. Thus, you should invest in a wet brush or a wide-toothed comb for proper detangling. 

  • Don’t waste time on split ends

It is important to cut off the dead split ends of the hair to ensure proper hair growth. So, coloring those parts is counterproductive and a waste of the color formula. 

Choose Zoylee for Your Next Hair Coloring Need

There are many avenues and platforms for customers to get in touch with certified hairstylists quickly. Notably, the Online salon booking app- Zoylee is a dependable platform with easy-to-use features and interface. 

Plus, you can search through the available list of professionals who provide adequate and top-quality hair coloring services. The specialists here have years of experience and training in hair-coloring practices and related services. Therefore, get in touch with them for your next coloring appointment.


If you have an interest in coloring your hair, you need to understand which shade would complement your skin tone. Plus, take measures to care for your hair properly before and after the process, too. For the best outcome, reliable professionals are valuable to depend on. Overall, research everything thoroughly.

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