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20 Types Of Services That A Content writer can provide

Content writing doesn’t include just blogs… it is fairly a major umbrella covering various writing styles.

Every Content Writer is remarkable and has an alternate range of abilities. Thus, here we have an answer. We chose to list 20 sorts of content writing administrations that authors sell. Trust it makes a difference!

Sorts Of Content Writing Services


A blog is alluded to a few names, for example, site page, website, online diary, online journal, and so on. However, to characterize it in the least complex structure, a blog is an enlightening web-based stage or website that assists with teaching and communicating with the ideal interest group of the blog proprietor or blogger. A blog can be created in both formal as well as relaxed structures.

Press releases

A press discharge is a composed or recorded type of correspondence created by advertising (PR) officials for the individuals from news media. It covers important data responding to the inquiries like who, what, whom, when, where, and how. The motivation behind making a press discharge is to make a newsworthy declaration.


The articles are numerous a period mistaken for the blog, however, the two sorts of content are unique. An article is a content structure made to focus on an immense crowd to stand out for the peruser. They are shrouded in distributions like newspapers, magazines, diaries, and so forth, and can be written in formal as well as casual styles. They might incorporate genuine, obstinate, or potentially engaging content.

Social content

With the development of social systems administration destinations like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on the requirement for social content advanced. The initial step to the outcome of such social destinations is content creation. Every one of these destinations has various rules for content distribution. Subsequently, social media advertisers are generally on the chase after innovative essayists with a decent comprehension of social media.

Technical writing

Getting mistaken for the term ‘technical’ in technical writing is ordinarily taken note of. Individuals for the most part expect it to be content made exclusively around innovation. However, it has a more extensive skyline to cover.

Technical writing is a type of writing that covers a subject with definite clarifications, headings, and guidelines. It is a clear educational type of real writing. A few instances of technical writing are whitepapers, plan plans, manuals, preparing materials, technical documentation, and so forth.


With 65.6% of the total populace utilizing the web, the rising interest in ebooks is obvious. Ebooks are the electronic type of printed books that can be perused on electronic gadgets like PCs, workstations, tablets, cell phones, and so on. With tablets like Kindle, the authors creating ebooks are of immense interest.


As the term says, a survey alludes to the evaluation of something. With regards to content writing, reviews allude to the evaluation/examination of a novel, news article, film, and so on. With the development of web-based business locales, it has likewise denoted its place in product reviews.

Product description

To sell a product/administration, a sales rep requirements to share every one of the important subtleties, particulars, and highlights of the product with the client. The content scholars likewise assume a comparative part nowadays. Writing product descriptions is a difficult errand for essayists. It doesn’t include exploratory writing yet rather watches out for product data in the content. All things considered, prospective clients are keen on product highlights over extravagant words.

Website content

The website doesn’t finish exclusively with website compositions. It needs content to portray it. Pages like about us, products/administrations, get in touch with us, media inclusion, and so on not simply share the data about the products or organization yet, in addition, helps in making believability among clients. Subsequently, website content assumes a significant part in brand fabricating as well.

Business writing

Business writing alludes to professional correspondence with the inner and outside crowd. It includes composing correspondence through professional records, for example, whitepapers, examination and report writing, reminders, proposals, messages, and so on.

Regional content

Regional content alludes to the content composed or conveyed to the crowd in regional dialects. In the web-based industry, the interest in regional content essayists is becoming well known. The regional content produced for blogs, showcasing and correspondence procedures, social media, and so on is in colossal interest.

Curated content

Content curation includes gathering important data and putting together it in an expressive yet curated structure to support the business as well as end clients. It is the most requested type of content writing. It has denoted an exceptional spot in social media.

Transcripts and Translations

Record alludes to the composed rendition of content made in another structure like sound and additionally visual content.

Then again, interpretation fostered the interest of journalists having an aptitude for creating content in various dialects. With the developing interest for regional content, interpretation is additionally becoming famous in content writing administrations.


Scriptwriting, otherwise called screenwriting, alludes to the content produced for broad communications like movies, plays, TV series, and so on. This is among the most requested content writing administrations nowadays.

Fiction writing

Fiction writing is generally evolved to engage the Story with a made-up storyline. The organization includes no authentic data. It is a creator’s specialty to foster a non-verifiable organization that might look genuine to its crowd


A self-portrayal is essentially a singular’s genuine occurrences united in a book. It is a record of an individual’s finished life. Once in a while, superstars and eminent professionals enlist essayists to compose their autobiographies. This is among the most well-known types of content writing among professional writers.

Industry-focused writing

Advanced advertising has affected each industry. In this manner, the interest for journalists to have a comprehension of advanced media alongside ability in various ventures is obvious. The scholars frequently run over content writing administrations like clinical writing, travel writing, food blogs, educational (educational plan) writing, scholastic writing, and so forth. As it includes skill in a particular industry, the payouts for such administrations are likewise colossal.

News/Journalistic writing

This is again an industry-focussed type of writing. It covers news writing styles, for example, publication writing, segment writing, highlight articles, scripts for electronic media, and so on. Columnist fostering a content piece for media centers around six inquiries for example 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, and why) and how.


Ghostwriting is recorded as a singular type of content writing administration because of its remarkable nature. All types of content writing might lie in this class. It just implies that the essayist creating ghostwriting content gets no credit for the work done. The essayist just gets the compensation and holds no credit on his/her content piece after the deal. This type of writing is famous among journalists making autobiographies of different VIPs and well-known individuals.

SEO writing

Site design improvement (SEO) is a natural showcasing style that helps a website in acquiring high page positioning outcomes on web crawlers with next to no monetary speculation. In this way, as the name proposes, SEO writing alludes to a type of writing that assists a website with turning out to be more noticeable on web crawlers. This type of content writing fills in as fuel for web-based promoting systems.


Content writing administrations are isolated given different variables like industry, types, writing style, and so forth. Thus, restricting it to a couple of numbers is an unfairness. The content writing administrations referenced above are a few significant types of content writing however there can be something else to add to the rundown.

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