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10 reasons why Canada is a great country to settle in?

Canada is one of the friendliest nations in this world. It is also considered a safe place for people to live in. Canadians themselves don’t have to speak about the advantages they receive in their country. Instead, the whole world looks at how they have earned this reputation. The beautiful country has easy immigration policies and invites people to live in their country. There are many other benefits to why you should settle in Canada. We are going to discuss them in this article.

1) It is a stunning place

Words can never describe how amazing Canada is. The greenery there will make you feel fresher than ever before. Few green places there not even know how a human foot feels like. The citizens living there have this benefit of getting away from all the worldly things. They can have a peaceful time in the forest and enjoy the chirping of birds. Moreover, citizens can enjoy the mountains and lakes as well. Canada is a whole package in itself indeed. People can easily find a place to get away with their busy lives. They have plenty of options that include parks, camps and historical sites that hold a value. Just a small tour of any place in Canada can find you a lake, mountains, and recreational activities to boost your mood.

2) Overall quality of life        

Canada is one of the few countries in this world who know how to balance between their work and their social life. They prioritize their lives. That is the reason why they have so many public holidays. In addition to this, they also have flexible working hours, which makes them fresh and energetic, as they have enough time to rest as well. People say they go to Canada to enjoy their life.

Some of the famous newspapers and articles published about Canada being one of those countries with a high quality of living. Canada has the lowest poverty rate among other nations in the world. Immigrants can easily adjust to this environment as it is very diverse and accepts people of different races and cultures.

3) Spacious and beautiful properties

The Canadian houses are much bigger in size compared to the rest of the world. This is mainly because of the fact that they have much more space to offer. If you visit Canada and notice the house of an average family, you will see that they have a lot of space too. They love to live in cottage style houses, which are the most common type of house in Canada. These homes have a large garage attached to them. Often, these homes come with 2 bedrooms as well. In some cases there are more. This helps the Canadians have privacy for themselves and also preserve the space that is in between.

4) Great job opportunities

Canada has a fast growing economy which is creating job opportunities for people all around the world. The jobs have flexible timings that give the person enough time to explore the places. This makes him feel at home. Jobs are in a wide range of occupations, including engineering, pharmaceuticals, doctors, nurses, etc.

Canada is one of the most desirable places to work, offering plenty of job opportunities for anyone looking for a fresh start.


Technology offers some of the highest-paying job opportunities in Canada. The tech industry continues to grow rapidly and is estimated to be worth over $250 billion by 2022. It’s no surprise then that the technical skills needed for many of these positions are highly sought after, with employers offering top salaries to qualified applicants. Plus, technology roles offer employees an accessible ladder for career progression, making it a great trend for anyone looking to break into the workforce in Canada!


Those looking to break into the educational industry can find plenty of well-paid job opportunities in Canada. From teachers to university professors and administrators, the education sector is home to a wide range of high-paying roles that boast excellent career progression opportunities. With an increasing demand for teachers around the country, anyone with proper qualifications and teaching experience can find themselves earning competitive salaries while working in both public and private schools in Canada.


The Government of Canada also offers countless opportunities for professionals looking to pursue a career in public service. With competitive salaries and excellent benefits packages, the government is an attractive option for those seeking long-term employment with steady work hours and great job security. From federal departments to provincial governments, a wide range of departments offer highly paid positions that require various qualifications and skillsets depending on the role.


The healthcare industry is bursting with great job opportunities for many types of professionals, including registered nurses, medical researchers and radiologists. Many employers prioritize hiring candidates with certification to provide the best possible services to patients. With an average salary of approximately $88,000 per year, a career in the health sciences can provide excellent long-term stability.

Finance & Banking

The finance, banking and accounting professions offer some of the best salaries in the country. These professionals maintain, audit and analyze financial records, manage financial investments and develop strategies to achieve the long-term goals of organizations. The roles can involve domestic or international asset management, risk analysis and financial portfolio building. With an average salary of approximately $95,000 per year, these professionals have excellent job security and career prospects.

5) Family friendly

We have already discussed how friendly people are in Canada. You should also know about how they get together and what makes them have that friendly bond. They are people who forgive and often apologize for mistakes. They take care of people’s sentiments, and respect their culture and activities. The communities in the country have hosted several parties over the years such as BBQ parties. This helps people engage and make friends. The streets of the nation are busier in the evening from the sound of children. The nights feel safe, and so everyone has a good time.

6) Free health care

Yes, we are not joking. Canada offers basic health care free of cost. This is actually not free, but rather a payback of the taxes you pay. Their health care system is known as Medicare. This system is not only for major surgeries or diseases, but also includes doctor’s visits as well as minor treatments.

7) Canadian crime rates are incredibly low

The population of Canada is just not very big. Thus, this is not the cover for the news that the crime rate is very low in Canada. They have good security. Knowing this always adds peace to your mind, because you can live freely in the nation and go wherever you want without any fear. Very few nations have a low crime rate and Canada is among them. The political stability in the country is a major reason why violent activities are not normalized in the country.

8) Canada is an ‘education superpower’

Canada has the top universities in the whole world. When students have to look for options for their higher studies, Canadian universities are always top of their list. This was confirmed after data was taken in the two countries. Also, they have an equity of genders in their universities. When the rates of Canadian universities are compared to the rates of the UK or USA, they are very low. After studying at the top rated universities of Canada, you get many opportunities. Having a degree at their universities gives you an upper hand over other people at different universities. Moreover, children are eligible for free admission to schools from grade 7 to 12.

9) Economically strong

When migrating, people look forward to many things in a country. The beautiful nature and scenery are not only the things that attract people, but they see the political and economic condition too. This ensures and secures their fear of the future. Immigrants after traveling to Canada benefit from both the nature point of view as well as economic benefits. The strong economy is also evidence that Canada has many job opportunities in various fields.

10) Easy immigration programs

Canada has very convenient immigration programs. Among them, the easiest route you can take is to immigrate through your own relationships in the country. Canada currently looks forward to inviting immigrants from all around the world.

Keeping in mind that immigrating to Canada is not simple. It requires patience and many steps. You may find a few options easy to apply to, but they require documents from the immigrants as well as financial investment. The 4 most popular options you can take to immigrate are listed below.

1) Express Entry.

It is the most famous and rapid immigration program. People who apply through this route get their visa in around almost 6 months. Canada continues with their aim and plans to invite a million people by the year 2025. A large amount of people take one of these three steps for an entry visa.

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW);
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC); and
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

This express entry program is basically a profile test. You have to upload your profile which is marked by Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Before submitting, you must qualify under any of the 3 above routes. This way, people who are selected are invited to get permanent residence. It may sound easy to apply in this way, but the cutoff of CRS is very high. Moreover, from this list of express entry, provinces themselves offer permanent residence.

If we talk about the expenses of immigrating through this way, then it will cost around 2300 Canadian dollars for a single person. Moreover, for 2 people, it will cost you 4500 Canadian dollars.

2) Provincial Nominee Programs

Provinces are playing a huge role in attracting and inviting immigrants to Canada. Different programs are offered by all of Canada’s provinces as well as their three territories. The provincial nominee program invites foreigners based on their skills and the requirements of Canada’s labor market.

Nominations are received and by that the PNP decides on selecting the candidate. Few applications take time. The time depends if the immigrant has taken an express entry program.

Talking about the cost of provincial nominee program, it is almost the same as Express Entry. The slight difference depends on the province. The difference is because they charge a fee to process the application.

3) Business Immigration

Thirdly we have business immigration. This is eligible or suitable for those who have experience in doing business. If you own a business, then this is the easiest way for you to immigrate to Canada. Both federal and provincial government offer business related programs.

The federal government focuses on offering immigration programs to people who are entrepreneurs and plan on starting a business in Canada. Different provinces help immigrants in different ways in order for them to start their business. For this immigration program, the cost you will require includes capital to start your business. The amount depends on what type of business you plan on starting. Many provincial nominee programs, have different entrepreneurship programs. The difference in these programs is the amount needed to start a business. Lower populated provinces require less investment.

4) Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is the easiest way to immigrate to not only Canada but any part of the world. Family sponsorship means that you should have a family member living in Canada permanently. Permanently means that they should be a resident of Canada. By that, they can sponsor you and help you reach Canada as well.

The country offers different immigration programs that allow families to bring their other members of family to Canada. The current aim of Canada is to bring more than 0.1 million immigrants through this program.

If anyone in your family, like your guardian, hubby, or your child is in Canada, then you can try your chance to reach Canada through this way.

Talking about the cost of this program, it will cost you around 1300 Canadian dollars. Some additional fees will apply depending on the country you decide to live in.

The time it will take for this program to execute will depend on the person who is sponsoring you. If you want to bring your other half to Canada, it will take around 12 months for your application to process.


These were a few points which we mentioned to show you how Canada is a great place to live. There isn’t only Canada for you to live in, as we are sure, there are many other beautiful places in the world also. Still, the fact that you will get so much in just a little place gives Canada a hand above other countries. However, we suggest you live in a place that suits you and makes you feel like you are at home. You will have to invest your emotions, which will be worth it later after a few years in Canada. In this article we also explained a few programs that are the easiest and most famous. People take this route to reach Canada, and enjoy the rest of their lives in the beautiful country.


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